What We Do

The Aloe Vera Family calls Nashville, Tennessee home and is here to answer all your questions about aloe. We’ve started our mornings off with aloe vera juice for decades and are passionate about sharing the health benefits of all Forever aloe products.

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Our Forever Team

The Aloe Family is a Forever Business Owner part of the largest and most successful Forever team in the world. When you join our family, either as a client or business builder, you literally have a world of knowledge and experience supporting you. In fact, our leaders were just awarded the largest Chairman’s Bonus check of all time: $1.5 million!

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Why Forever

After saying no to direct sales and network marketing for years, we felt compelled to become Forever Business Owners in 2019. Here are just a few reasons we took the leap (especially after saying a resounding NO to so many other direct-selling companies over the years):

  1. They are the largest grower of Aloe Vera and Aloe Vera products in the world.
  2. We researched the company for the past 3 years (after learning they were rated the #1 direct-selling company by a third party).
  3. They have an entire suite of Aloe Vera and Bee Pollen based products, including skin care, suncare, vitamins & even essential oils & makeup.
  4. We wanted to take our earning potential back into our own hands. After filling out yet another set of financial aid forms, we finally decided we want to be the family that helps others financially, not depends upon it for ourselves.
  5. We waited to find the right sponsor: we signed up under the #1 couple in the entire company who just earned the largest bonus the company has ever given away in their 40-year history.
  6. Forever is a company that gives back through Forever Giving, and encourages their business owners to do the same.

Of course these are just a few of our reasons for becoming Forever Business Owners. How can we help you achieve your dreams today? Email us at thealoeverafamily (at) gmail (dot) com to learn more!